Tuesday, March 3, 2009

S'more Fondue

This is the Melting Pot's recipe and it's AMAZING! Need a chocolate fix? This one is sure to please!

Chocolate S'mores Fondue

Recipe by Kevin O'Leary from The Melting Pot

8 oz. milk chocolate
1 heaping tsp. marshmallow fluff, flambeed with ½ oz. of 151-proof rum
5 oz. graham cracker crumbs for topping
tiny bit of water, milk, or cream
dippers (strawberries, marshmallows, cheese cake bites, bananas, brownies, oreos, pound cake, mini rice crispy treats, etc).

1. Melt the chocolate in electric fondue pot. Add a tiny amount of water, milk, or cream to thin the chocolate and help it liquify. Add marshmallow fluff.

2. Put the rum in a metal pan or rum boat and light on fire. Pour on top of the chocolate and marshmallow fluff.
3. Stir the rum around in the chocolate, and that will put the flames out.

4. Top with ½ oz. of graham cracker crumbs and you're ready to go!
5. Using fondue forks, dip desserts into chocolate fondue and enjoy!

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