Tuesday, August 6, 2013

So THAT'S What's Been Wrong with Me?

So, I started this Whole30 diet which isn't meant for losing weight, it's meant for figuring out what's making your body sick or inflamed.
I have been struggling with a long list of symptoms really since I turned 18, and could NEVER figure out what was causing it.  My doctors had told me "Oh, you just have high levels of estrogen" and blew it off like it was no big deal...but I had TONS of pain and it was almost ALL the time.  Last fall, I ended up with a 2 inch ovarian cyst, and started changing our diet, getting rid of all added hormones in our food.  So, all of our milk (raw) and beef/chicken was bought straight at the farm, from cows that were pastured on grass.  No more canned food.  Only organic fruits, veggies, and grains.  I tried everything and nothing was helping.
I finally decided to find a specialist in the area to go see, and of course it was going to be VERY expensive and the insurance company won't pay for it.  So, I looked into it some more and found the doctor's blog.  She highly recommends Whole30 as the first phase of treatment, as many times, it is actually the food that you are eating that is causing illness and chronic pain.
I started the diet, which consists of nothing but high quality pastured meats and seafood of any kind, any kind of fruits and vegetables (except for potatoes for some people), and nuts and certain seeds and oils.  No dairy, no grains of any kind, and no legumes, and no sugar.  These things are known to cause systemic inflamation and hormone imbalance.  So I figured it was worth a shot.
By day FOUR, all of my symptoms were GONE!  Every last one!  I woke up pain-free for the first time since I don't remember when.  And they stayed gone! 
On day 9, I went out to eat with some friends and I ordered a steak, spinach, mashed potatoes, and it had a tomato-wine sauce on top.  I was full of symptoms from about an hour after I ate, all through the next day.  Then I was better.
Two days later, I ate at my moms.  We had crabs and chicken and broccoli salad.  I was totally fine.  Then, I decided to go ahead and eat a piece of pineapple cake...I can't resist it...and by the time I took my last bite of cake, my stomach was in knots and I felt terrible.  EVERY symptom was back that night and part of the next morning.  Has now been 3 more days and I have felt perfect!  No grains means no symptoms!  I have even started eating a bit of dairy...a little cheese on a bunless burger, or a small slice of ice cream cake to celebrate a dear friend's birthday.  My stomach gets a little upset when I eat dairy, but not too big of a deal...not a dealbreaker at this point...but even a tiny bit of wheat causes everything to flare up!  :(
I didn't stick with the diet perfectly for the 30 days because we're going to the beach after 3 weeks.  I plan on doing a perfect whole30 when we get back.  But honestly, if you are like me and have lots of unexplained symptoms, even doing it for a week or two may be immensely helpful!  I was shocked!  I even finally started to lose a bit more weight!  I leveled out back in the spring, even though I was counting every calorie and doing about 70 miles on the elliptical every week...just couldn't lose another pound.  And now I'm down about 5 more!  So that's an extra added bonus!  I don't even care about my weight...I just want to feel good!  And I'm amazed to say that it was actually WHEAT that was causing me pain for the last 15 years!  I will NEVER go back!

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