Friday, January 4, 2013

Healthier Cheddar Onion Cornbread

So I wanted to try cheddar jalapeno cornbread, but for one, I didn't have jalapenos!  For two, I wanted to try to make it a bit healthier.
Last night I made my typical cornbread recipe but I used all whole-wheat flour and lowered the sugar from 1/3 cup to 1/4 cup.  It was still awesome!
So, I decided this time to try to substitute out the shortening.  I used natural, unsweetened applesauce in it's place.  I lowered the sugar to about 1/5 of a cup but would have probably tried even less than that if I had decided on the applesauce BEFORE I added the sugar in!  :)
I didn't want to take any chances of tasting the apple in there, so I added a small handful of chopped green onions in too.  Then, I compared the cheese label to the shortening label and saw that even regular cheddar is still so much less fat and calories than shortening, that I didn't feel guilty adding in a big handful of cheddar (I actually used a blend of cheddar and low-fat cheddar).

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